Meet The Team

A little bit about us

The Little Orchestra is run by a small, dedicated team with a passion for bringing classical music to a new audience. Here’s what they had to say about themselves…

Artistic Director

Nicholas Little

Nicholas Little began conducting while studying music at Bristol University and was appointed conductor of the university’s chamber orchestra. After studying for an MA in filmmaking at the London Film School, he pursued his passion for conducting and composition, studying with Mark Shapiro and Philip Lasser in New York and Jonathan Brett in the UK. In January 2014 he launched The Little Orchestra to a sell-out audience in London.

In a sentence or two, what do you do for TLO?

My job is to steer the direction of the orchestra and make sure it is fulfilling our mission to bring a beautiful and meaningful experience of classical music to an audience who might not be familiar with it. But of course all are welcome! During the concerts, I share the stories behind the music we are performing with the audience as well as conduct the orchestra.

What inspired you to start the orchestra?

I have often heard filmmakers say that when they are making a movie they imagine themselves sitting in the cinema watching the film they want to see, and I guess in a way it is similar for me with the orchestra – when I go out and experience classical music there is a certain kind of experience I am looking for, which is I think quite hard to find: an evening that encompasses a beautiful, atmospheric space, great food and drink, a social, fun dimension, delving into the music and its context and of course great classical music. So really, what we have tried to do here is bring all these elements together, and more, to create an inspiring night out with classical music at its heart.

What has been your favourite TLO event to date?

Immortal Desire in the theatre at Ally Pally. We explored Beethoven’s somewhat tragic and frustrated love life and it was really the first time we managed to inject the story into every aspect of an event, from the actors reading extracts from love letters, to the portraits of all Beethoven’s women hanging in the bar area, to the love letters on the tables in the bar area that people could open and read (and take away!), to the chamber music that Beethoven dedicated to some of the women he pursued that people could listen to after the main concert. It was really a 360 degree immersion into his love life and it turned out really well.

What is your first musical memory?

I think one of my earliest was going to see Return of the Jedi at the cinema. The music to Star Wars really blew my mind. Other early memories include hearing the first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and I was very taken by the music from The Snowman.

Desert island composer

Beethoven, obviously!

General Manager

Andrea Robins

In a sentence or two, what do you do for TLO?

I work with Nicholas on the ‘big picture’ side of things – strategy, planning and so on, I manage the team, and I look after finance and organisational matters. So essentially I have an overarching view of everything we do, some areas in more detail than others!

Musical guilty pleasure?

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures…

Desert island composer

Oh that’s way too hard! Depends on the mood you catch me in.

Netflix or cinema?

Cinema – the London Film Festival is one of the highlights of my year, every year.

Marketing & research manager

Nathan Rasdall

In a sentence or two, what do you do for TLO?

I run the marketing and content at TLO, as well as diving into the history of each composer in search of interesting stories to tell! I also sometimes drive the van…

What has been your favourite TLO event to date?

Fire in the Evening (my first) with its beautiful starry canopy.

You can become a master of one instrument. Which one and why?

Bass guitar, because I’ve been playing for over a decade so I really should have mastered it by now.

Desert island symphony

Tchaikovsky’s 5th, every time.

Mac or PC?

Mac. I tried to copy and paste on a PC recently and had to ask for help.

Creative Producer

Lucy Kevill

In a sentence or two, what do you do for TLO?

I’m the creative producer for The Little Orchestra, I create the atmosphere post and pre-show. It’s my duty to bring the concept into 3D.

What is the most random thing that has happened to you during your time at TLO?

Interviewing two experts in regency dance, and watching their videos.

You can become a master of one instrument. Which one and why?

Violin, because I bought one and am currently trying but I’m devastatingly bad at it.

Desert Island experience?

Building a hut on a desert island with David Bowie, might not have understood the question here but I’m going to just leave it.

London – North, South East or West?

As a born and bred North Londoner OBVIOUSLY NORTH, but alas I reside in East.


Ilona McKie

In a sentence or two, what do you do for TLO?

I am The Little Orchestra’s Administrator. Helping to support the General Manager and the rest of the team with the running of the company from paying invoices to setting up new processes to make everyone’s life easier. I have only recently joined the team and I’m excited to develop the role.

Aside from TLO, what other activities do you get up to?

I train aerial hoop and aerial silks every week.

Desert island song

ELO’s Mr Blue Sky.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Neither. Not into sci-fi. Can I have Bake Off?

Orchestra Manager

Fergus Marr

In a sentence or two, what do you do for TLO?

I book the musicians in the orchestra, and try my best to represent their needs and interests.

What has been your favourite TLO event to date?

Messiah Part 1 had some of my favourite people involved, free-flowing alcohol, excellent food, and a great big tent. So that one.

Guilty pleasure?

Pop songs that have a key change. Or even better, more than one.

Desert island artist

Frank Sinatra with The Count Basie Orchestra.

Quality Street or Sesame Street?

Quality Street. The Sesame gang are too street-wise for me…

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