Beethoven 2020 journey – chapter 8

The Dance of Decadence Ball

22 & 24 October 2020, Royal Horticultural Halls

With Napoleon defeated, Vienna was about to become the most important city in Europe. Sensing a unique opportunity, Beethoven seized the moment.

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A party like no other!

After years of war, the leading powers of the continent descended on Vienna for a congress aimed at reshaping Europe for the better. It was meant to last a few weeks, but after 9 months the city had been transformed into a whirlwind of banquets, balls and downright debauchery as the thousands of additional inhabitants looked to entertain themselves. Sensing the city’s appetite for patriotism, Beethoven arranges a concert of his newly premiered 7th Symphony, alongside a bombastic piece named Wellington’s Victory written to commemorate a recent French defeat. This concert was arguably the biggest success of his career.

This October, we’ll be recreating the spirit of the Congress of Vienna in the grand surroundings of the Royal Horticultural Halls, complete with a performance of both the 7th Symphony and the rarely performed Wellington’s Victory. Our flagship event will include incredible food, a welcome drink and, to top it all off, period dancing! Tickets for this event are on sale soon, so keep your eyes peeled…

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Food & Drink

A signature part of the evening is our bespoke food offering* and themed cocktail bar.

Unlike our other events, food is included in the price of a ticket for the ball. In the spirit of the Congress, our chefs are pulling out all the stops to make this a banquet to remember. Unlike 19th Century Vienna, however, they will of course ensure that all our veggie and vegan attendees have plenty to feast upon.

Naturally, no celebration is complete without a great selection of beverages to entice you to the dance floor, so prepare to be amazed at the showstopping cocktails Mix & Match are designing.

*Veggie, Vegan and gluten-free options available

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for a spectacular performance.

Thank you for bringing the stories to life this evening. It was lovely!

Maddie + Seb
An absolutely gorgeous evening! Fun, informative + glorious music...and flapjack ;)

Hannah & Richard
Thank you for a wonderful evening of music, an amazing ambience!

Lauren & Carl
This is clever, absorbing, fun and relaxing. All good. Well done. We will be back.

Great to see the musicians up close and hear the explanations from the conductor!

Mike and Roxy
Yet again you guys nailed it. You demystify classical music for the common man. That is an art in itself.


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Chapter 1 – Early Years In Vienna

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Chapter 3 – A New Inspiration

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Chapter 5 – “Thus Fate Knocks at the Door”

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Chapter 7 – Immortal Beloved

17th to 19th September 2020

As Beethoven’s mastery of music goes from strength to strength, his search for love becomes increasingly futile.

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Chapter 8 – The Dance of Decadence Ball

23rd to 24th October 2020

With the defeat of Napoleon, Beethoven’s Vienna is transformed into a whirlwind of balls, banquets and entertainment as the powers of Europe negotiate the future of Europe. During this historical moment, Beethoven’s fame and success reach their zenith.

Battersea Arts Centre

Interlude – Down but not Out

13th to 14th November 2020

After 8 years of white-hot creativity, Beethoven’s creative output slows considerably as his struggles with love, money and his health take their toll.

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Chapter 9 – Ode to Joy

11th to 12th December 2020

Beethoven’s final symphony is one of the crowning achievements of his remarkable existence and the full expression of the spiritual values he grew up with and carried with him throughout his life.