Beethoven 2020 journey – chapter 1

Early Years in Vienna

20 – 22 February 2020, Porchester Hall

Having escaped the shackles of a rather chaotic family life in Bonn, Beethoven arrived in the musical epicentre of Europe, ready to prove himself.




The big city

For the first few years in Vienna the young composer devoted much of his time to becoming a master pianist, and was often seen engaging in ‘piano duels’ with other leading pianists in the city. It wasn’t long before he was one of the best known pianists around, but it took him a little longer to establish himself as a creator of music in his own right, trying to stand on his own merit with the ghost of Mozart still haunting the city, alongside Beethoven’s one-time teacher, the world famous Haydn.

In a beautifully ornate Porchester Hall, we’ll in part recreate the first concert that Beethoven gave for his own benefit in Vienna, which featured a symphony from Mozart and – crucially – Beethoven’s own 1st Symphony. Come and relive the experience of the audience over 200 years ago as they witnessed a Beethoven symphony for the first time (only better, because we’ll have cocktails!)

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Food & Drink

A signature part of the evening is our bespoke food offering* and themed cocktail bar.

Having grown up in the sleepy surroundings of Bonn, Beethoven faced a number of changes when he made the move to Vienna. A melting pot of cultures spanning much of Europe, the food on offer would have been far more varied than the provincial cuisine he was used to! We have explored a variety of dishes that Beethoven may have discovered in his new home when designing the menu for our first full-scale event of the year.

Paul and Sam from Mix & Match were equally intrigued by the cosmopolitan Viennese lifestyle when coming up with their bespoke drinks menu. Whilst Beethoven probably didn’t head to a cocktail bar after an evening’s work at the piano, we think these concoctions may have been favourites of his had he had the opportunity…

*Veggie, Vegan and gluten-free options available

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for a spectacular performance.

Thank you for bringing the stories to life this evening. It was lovely!

Maddie + Seb
An absolutely gorgeous evening! Fun, informative + glorious music...and flapjack ;)

Hannah & Richard
Thank you for a wonderful evening of music, an amazing ambience!

Lauren & Carl
This is clever, absorbing, fun and relaxing. All good. Well done. We will be back.

Great to see the musicians up close and hear the explanations from the conductor!

Mike and Roxy
Yet again you guys nailed it. You demystify classical music for the common man. That is an art in itself.


Dress rehearsal tickets

Want to keep the focus purely on the music and stories? Not a problem! For this event, we are offering you the chance to come along a day early and sit in on our dress rehearsal for a reduced price. These performances feature all the same musical content as our full events – including the stories surrounding the pieces being played – and offer the same level of intimacy, but without the addition of set design, food and drink.

If you’re yet to try out a TLO event and are happy to join us on a school night, this is a great way to explore some incredible music. What’s more, priced at just £5 it’s probably the best value orchestral concert in town!

Tickets are now on sale via our box office:

Main event Dress rehearsal


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Chapter 1 – Early Years In Vienna

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